and safety


Health and safety in the workplace are the fundamental principles underlying all our activities and are an integral part of our executive and operational choices. That’s why, in order to ensure continuity with what already achieved in 2001 at our manufacturing plant in L’Aquila, we have implemented some safety and health management systems at our Milan and Naples branches as well, in compliance with standard BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

Proper enforcement of these systems is ensured by our top management, also by engaging and involving the whole staff. As a matter of fact, we believe that sharing our health and safety principles is an essential requisite when it comes to fostering a culture based on prevention and mutual respect and maintaining and developing orderly and safe working conditions.

To do so, we make sure all personnel, as well as the third parties operating under our control, are given adequate information and training on the contents of the SSL management system and understand its implications on their role in the company and their conduct. Also, we perform checks, inspections and audits to identify and prevent non-compliances. The SSL system itself is also subject to periodic review, in order to assess its accuracy and effectiveness.


Environmental commitment is one of the pillars of our development strategy. In the last ten years we have invested € 6.3 million in protecting and respecting the environment and over time our effort has proven significantly successful in terms of managing our environmental impact and safety.

The growth triggered by the company stepping into international markets has further outlined the need to reconcile sustainability and efficiency. Since 2001 we’ve been using an ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system and a BS OHSAS 18001:2007 safety management system that have partly anticipated the recent introduction of more stringent standards related to health and safety in the workplace.


The quality of our products and services is a cornerstone of our enterprise, in particular as we are experiencing some major international expansion. We have implemented a quality management system, the compliance and efficiency of which are periodically validated by independent certification bodies.

Our commitment to quality is more than an organizational system: it’s a cultural paradigm we look up to for our strategic and executive decisions. That’s why it's applied not only to the research, development, production and marketing stages of our pharmaceutical products, but also to our staff training and to the environment in which we operate.


Taking care of people's health means taking care of the environment as well. This is why we are committed to improving the eco-efficiency of our production plant: when it was recently expanded, we made sure to select sustainable building materials, reduce energy consumption and decrease CO2 emissions through the optimization of the logistical capacity.

For our new “Omega Pharma” industrial building we have voluntarily complied to the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certification, regulating the entire life cycle of raw materials: from the definition of resource consumption to their environmental impact.