Working at Dompé

Investing in the diversity, health, growth and success of our people is our first priority.

What you'll find at Dompé

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As a company, Dompé is animated by a spirit of curiosity and entrepreneurship that starts from our people – a group of creative thinkers driven to find better solutions to familiar challenges. Empowered by the trust and transparency of the company’s leadership, their work has produced innovative, game-changing science.


Our diverse, hardworking, proactive team has made Dompé U.S. a fast and flexible biotech, and at the same time providing for professional growth among our team members. In the U.S., our employees have the opportunity to be a part of building a dynamic company and team from the ground up, as well as to take on new challenges and roles in their careers.


The values of employee engagement and close collaboration that started with our founding in Milan, have grown with our expansion to the U.S. Dompé employees are united by a sense of fulfillment to enjoy the journey not just the end goal.


Many of our employees came to Dompé due to our reputation for following the science where ever it leads, and our unwavering dedication to patients. Our team is driven by the results of our research, which propels us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients.

Opportunities at Dompé

We offer various professional and career development opportunities, including
at international level, to employees who are passionate about pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Diverse backgrounds

Students and new graduates

We want to hear from students and new graduates who are passionate about building a career in life sciences.

We hire graduates from various degree programs and fields of specialization with a foundation in the sciences. We’re constantly looking for people with initiative, intellectual curiosity, passion and an ambition to pursue excellence.

Working side by side with some of the finest minds in healthcare, our employees actively contribute to innovative projects.

Professionals and managers

Professionals who have gained extensive experience have the opportunity to further advance their career and improve their skills by working complex and high-impact projects.